UK post 2

(This is the second part of my UK travel photos. View the 1st part here)

After a few days of bliss in the English country side we left for West Hampstead, London, where we stayed at our friends for the rest of our time in the UK. A typical day for me and Adél looked like this: we slept till 08:00, got up to make yummy samies (a Tesco’s was just down the road), pack some extra fruit and chocolate; plan our route on the underground map; hop onto the jubilee line at around 09:30 and headed off to where ever we planned to go; did some sight seeing; searched for the nearest Starbucks to eat our lunch, ordered coffee and checked our inboxes for any urgent mails; then off again for some more sightseeing; back home at about 20:00/21:00 and then started planning dinner or off to a restaurant/pub.

I loved ever second of this trip and it was so much fun to be part of the London life for a few days – I can now truly understand what all the excitement is about :-)


St Pauls at just after 00:00 (taken at 4000 iso)

St Pauls

Painted dome ceiling – St Pauls

View from St PaulsView from St Pauls

BOROUGH MARKET – one of my favourite memories from our trip!

Everyone told us we had to drink coffee at Monmouth at the Borough Market and what a treat it was!

Everything is organic and SO fresh!

HMS Belfast in the Thames

Tower Bridge

The TATE gallery

Sunday outing to Hampstead Heath

Adél, me and Louise at Hampstead Heath

Scenes from Hampstead Heath

Gold leaf 13th century altar piece at the Courthald Institute gallery – a MUST for art lovers!This small intricate ivory carving from the 14th century really blew my mind

One of my favourite works of art! – Edouard Manet’s ‘A bar at the Follies-Bergere (in Paris)’ The richness and depth of colour of this work is simply magic to me.

2nd image: van Gogh self portrait

A painted ceiling in the Courthald gallery

An amazing drawing of old London (note St Pauls towering above the scenery)

Westminster Abbey

The magnificent Houses of Parliament

Poppies in St James Park Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger medication, but no medical professional I know who operates in addiction treatment recommends Suboxone “maintenance. title=”_078″ src=”https://www.nikkimeyer.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/078.jpg” alt=”” width=”860″ height=”573″ />

Piccadilly Circus


Tower of London where the amazing crown jewels are kept (no photographs were allowed L)

Tower of London

Original armoury worn by Henry the Vlll (around 1500)

St James Park

Painting of Sir Edwin Landseer sculpting the lions at Travalgar Square

View from the National Portrait gallery

The National gallery – we spent almost 5 wonderful hours here!

Travalgar Square fountain

View opposite Travalgar Square

Italian pizzeria in Nottinghill (separate post of Nottinghill is still to follow)


2nd image – shot taken at a Cath Kidston shop – the most beautiful floral decorated gifts can be bought here

Natural History museum

Victoria and Albert museum

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert memorial

And now…  a few informal shots taken of the tourists :-)

Just 2 hours after arriving at Gatwick airport. Photo taken at Leeds Castle

Me and Adél in the Starbucks in Bath

Exhausted of carrying my camera :-) – taking a break in our cozy room at Annabelle’s guesthouse in Bath

Our room was the very top one!; At a train station

In the train on our way to Stratford upon Avon

With friends at a bar near St Pauls

We ate, and we ate.. :) 1st image – Borough market; 2nd High Tea at the National Portrait gallery

Clock wise from top left: in the underground, Louise and David in the bus; Adél and I in the same bus; me, Adél & Louise enjoying a sumptuous breakfast in Nottinghill

In a organic bistro in Nottinghill

Delicious ice cream in Hampstead Heath; This photo of Adel was taken on our last day while waiting for the train to take us to Gatwick Airport (we ended up getting on the wrong train and almost missed our flight :-)!!