UK post 1

In 2000 I had the privilege of joining 60 other Grade 11’s on a Euro trip. We spent 2 days everywhere we went, including London. I have vivid memories of those 2 days, my favourite being our visit to St Pauls (the first cathedral of that gigantic scale I ever saw), a few trips on the underground :-) and a very brief visit to the National gallery. Ever since that visit I wanted to go back to spend quality time at all the sites (apart from being head over heals in love with my job and photography as art form, I am a crazy fanatic of art and history in general). So….. here the story begins…. one of my best childhood friends (Louise – you’ll spot her in the follow-up post) has been working in London  for a few years and she generously offered me a holiday stay at their place since she moved there, so in April this year I finally decided… it’s time! So myself and a very dear and close friend, Adel, started planning our trip bursting with excitement. I fell in love with Bath, the Cotswolds, Oxford, Starbucks, the crown jewels, ALL the art in the National and Portrait galleries, Oxford Street, Tesco specials :-), Blenheim Castle and so much more – in short – it was such a huge privilege to spend endless hours simply gazing at all the treasures that England has to offer and of course traveling with Adel and staying at our lovely friends in West Hamstead. Enjoy! The follow-up post on London town follows here.

(a huge thank you to Lorraine, a family friend of Adel who lives in Epsom, who took us out to Leeds Castle and the country side).

This first post covers:

Leeds Castle; Bath; Stratford upon Avon and Oxford

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

The AMAZING flowers in the Leeds Castle garden

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle garden

Leeds Castle garden

A peacock at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle garden

Bath Abbey

Entrance to the Roman Baths (opposite the Bath Abbey)

The Baths (an absolute MUST!) – the ancient romans travelled from all over the Roman Empire to bath in this natural hot spring – it was a place of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation.

Actual remnants from a temple to the sun god that stood on the Bath premises

Statues at the Roman Baths

The main bath



The Roman Baths

Vaulted ceiling of the Bath Abbey

The Bath Abbey

Stratford upon Avon (the medieval town where Shakespeare grew up)

Oxford – this student town boasts the most majestic university campus ever!

Ceiling at a campus building

The monumental Blenheim Castle!

Enchanting field at the Blenheim Castle

I can go on forever about the amazing roses we saw!!Photography notes:

* All photographs taken with a Canon 5D mkii and 24-70 f2.8 L lens

(no flash or reflectors)

* Every single image was edited in the new Lightroom 4 – (I didn’t think that improvements could be made to Lr 3, but in fact there could :)

* All photos were taken in JPEG format