Jonice & Wian

February 2014 Rustenberg, Stellenbosch

Jonice & Wian walked the extra mile for their E-shoot and of course I was in my element! The lovely Anneke from AnnaH Styling helped with on the day styling (how yummy looking are those figs and berries?!) at the beautiful Rustenberg Estate just outside Stellenbosch. This couple is so stylish (how gorgeous are Jonice’s skirt and shoes?!) and very much in love. I can’t wait for their wedding on the 2nd of April this year!

Venue: Rustenberg

Styling: AnnaH

nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_003 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_004 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_005 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_006 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_007 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_008 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_009 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_010 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_011 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_012 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_013 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_014 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_015 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_016 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_017 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_018 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_019 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_020 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_021 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_022 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_023nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_025 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_026

nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_024

nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_027 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_028 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_029 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_030 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_031 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_032 nikkimeyer_Rustenberg_Engagement shoot_033


  1. Marti says:

    LOVE it! Everything is so stylish and beautiful!

  2. Mariska says:

    Sjoe, dis pragtig!

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