Gido & Lize

30 January 2016 Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein

Matjiesfontein is such a quaint, special place. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding there and I finally had the opportunity on the 30th of January with Gido and Lize’s wedding. Lize is absolutely gorgeous and very creative too. She is a graphic designer and after Gido mentioned that he would love to get married in Matjiesfontein she set to work in planning the ‘look’ she had in mind. The ceremony was held in the lush gardens of the Lord Milner hotel next to a beautiful open Karoo landscape (I just loved the contrast!) and the reception was held in the Transport museum a few meters down the road. All the museum’s vintage motor cars were parked in front of the hotel and for a moment I truly felt like I time travelled looking at all these beautiful cars and the historic Matjiesfontein main road. Lize’s two sisters were her bridesmaids and I must say their dresses were of the most beautiful I have seen. Gido farms on his father’s Karoo farm in Sutherland and this is also where the two newly weds will settle. Lize loves horses and still does horse riding. Luckily she will also be able to do graphic design from the farm (I loved the invitation she designed for their wedding!). Enjoy!!

Service providers

Dress: Elizabeth Wedding Gowns

Stationery: The bride!

Hair & Make-up: Adri Hugo

Décor & flowers: Royal Karoo Weddings (many of the flowers came from the bride and groom’s families’ gardens)

Bouquets: Paradiso Flowers

Bridesmaid dresses: Hoiden Fashions

Lighting: Something different

Wedding Cake: Kanya Hunt

Videographer: Boland Weddings

My assitant: My husband, Kappie



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  1. Marti says:

    Sjoe, dit is soo pragtig!

  2. Kim Grenfell says:

    Wow absolutely stunning! !

  3. Elisma says:

    Nikki, jy is darem maar dié beste!! Het die warmste dag van die jaar pragtig vasgevang en ons almal ‘cool’ laat lyk!!

  4. Wow these pics are stunning – makes me feel like we there celebrating this wonderful day all over again

  5. Royal Karoo Weddings and Functions says:

    Hi Nikki! BAIE dankie vir jou besondere mooi werk.Dit is wonderlik om my werk deur jou lens te sien. Ek werk gereeld by Matjiesfontein maar hierdie fotos staan kop en skouers bo enige vorige fotosessies uit. Ek gaan jou beslis later kontak vir fotosessies vir my besigheid. Ek sal voortaan my voornemende bruide na jou verwys.Hoop ons sien mekaar sommer nog baie. Vriendelike Groete. Ingrid Hitzenberger

  6. Les and Ken Keightley says:

    Such gorgeous happy pics. What a stunning bride, bridesmaids and moms. It was such a privilege to be able to share this amazing day with you all. xxx

  7. Dolly Hanekom says:

    Sjoe Nikki wens mens kon langer tyd kry om al hierdie mooi oomblikke in te drink. Dankie vir jou pragtige werk op hierdie mooi dag.

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