Colourful Greece!

After visiting warm, vibrant Italy we left for colourful Greece. If I have to sum up Greece in one word it would be BLUE – the water is the brightest, clearest blue I have ever seen. White washed buildings with blue doors and small churches with bright blue domes are seen everywhere.  We spent 2 days in Athens and 3 days each on Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. For me, these were the highlights:

Embarking on a Blue Star ferry to Mykonos.

Meandering through the labyrinth of little streets in Mykonos’ old town.

Eating many plates of Greek salad!

Sailing into Santorini and seeing the caldera.

Santorini by night is simply magical. Add the famous sunset and you are probably in the most romantic setting on earth!

Eating fresh fruits with double thick Greek yoghurt and honey!

Drinking white wine with a never ending blue ocean as backdrop.

Taking a donkey ride.

Exploring each island on a quad bike! (This is an awesome way to see the island at your own pace).


View from the Acropolis over Athens The Acropolis dates back to 432 BC

We took the 07:30 ferry from Athens to Mykonos

This photo and a few others in this post were taken with a Samsung WB850F camera – small and amazing quality

Little Venice in Mykonos:
Paros: Photo – Kappie:

Santorini – The town of Oia as viewed from the ferry:

Santorini by night is simply magical! Photo – Kappie:
Photo – Kappie:

Photo – Kappie: Photo – Kappie: