Willem & Melissa

14 November 2009 Mountain Shadows

This wedding was absolutely WOW! Melissa and Willem are just such a perfect match and their sincere love and passion for God and each other was so heart warming. I could elaborate for ever on how gorgeous Melissa looked (I mean just look at that dress and hair!) but I would rather leave that to her husband. Willem was completely in awe of his beautiful bride and he just kept saying that there has never been or will ever be such a beautiful woman. Ladies, wouldn't we all be flattered by such adoration from our men?!
There were many things that I loved about this wedding – the silwer bridesmaid dresses, the mountains surrounding the venue, the atmosphere later the evening in the bedouin tent, the bridal party (who were so much fun to work with) and the expressions on these two beautiful people's faces. I have also not yet heard such a well-spoken bride as Melissa, her speech was mind blowing and so was Willem's.
I hope these pictures convey the spirit of these two special people's day..








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  1. Marti says:

    PRENTJIEMOOI is al wat ek wil sê!!!

  2. Mary Austin says:

    Absolutely fantastic! The pictures capture the whole mood and atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. They are a stunning pair and the photos do them justice.

  3. LizMarie says:

    Sjoe, die foto’s is stunning!

  4. Adeline says:

    Nikki, ek het skoon hoendervleis gekry toe ek na die fotos kyk. Jy is die verseker die beste fotograaf! Hou so aan.

  5. Adel says:

    ASEMROWEND!!!! Wat ‘n pragtige paartjie en troue!

  6. Mooiste set ooit! Die 1ste dans foto is my fav – ek love hoe die gaas van die rok in die tent se vloer in smelt. Baie natuurlik! 10 uit 10!

  7. Love these Nik! So beautiful! x

  8. Mia says:

    Nikker, hierdie foto’s is ongelooflik mooi! Hou van die natuurlike wyse waarop jy hul vasgevang het. Al wat ek kan sê is : “Wow!” En wat ‘n pragtige bruid!

  9. Melanie Gericke says:

    Aaahhh julle 2tjies lyk beautiful…
    Dit was so lekker om die dag saam met julle te deel. Die foto’s neem mens sommer vinnig terug na daai spesiale dag toe.

  10. Adene says:

    Stunning, stunning! Jou foto’s is net mooi asemrowend en so vol natuurlike emosie!

  11. Judy says:

    They look so in love. The dress perfect. The venue absolutely stunning. What a deliciously romantic wedding!

  12. Annemarie says:

    Baie geluk julle, die fotos is ongelooflik spontaan en die verliefheid leef in julle oe!! Baie stunning!

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