Riordyn & Robyn

15 December 2009 Vredenheim, Stellenbosch
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I am not sure where to begin commenting on this wedding. The only thing I am dead sure of is that looking back at 2009, I can say with certainty that I had the most fabulous clients! I just love it when a couple decides  to make their wedding their own and this is exactly what this gorgeous young couple did. Robyn & Riordyn are officially two of the coolest people I have worked with and totally at ease in front of the camera. They have the most gentle of spirits, they are extremely passionate about Jesus and they are…well so incredibly funky! When I arrived at the Spier hotel where Robyn got dressed, I was thrilled to see the lounge area – this was something fresh and different! Robyn totally pulled off her look and I seriously felt like I was doing a  shoot for a fashion mag – the vibrant colours and interesting textures complimented her ‘look’ so well. Arriving at Vredenheim I found Riordyn and his best men  ready  for the pre-ceremony shoot. The four of them seemed like the best of friends and they showed some serious attitude – when editing these pics I thought to myself  ‘these guys look like they are members of a very cool band’! Like his bride, Riordyn has these gorgeous lively eyes that simply dive into the lens. The ceremony was held outside and it was truly heart warming,  especially the part where they read out their vows to each other – it was so personal and completely derived from any clichés. After the couple shoot everyone was ready for the party!

Robyn & Riordyn, thank you for having me as your photographer – I had a fabulous time working with you guys and I wish you an extremely blessed life together.

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  1. Kat Forsyth says:

    Ok, seriously?? This is the BEST wedding you’ve ever done! Wow, wow, and more wow. And what a gorgeous couple! I’m blown away, and want this to be my wedding. :-)

  2. Marti says:

    This is a STUNNING post! – gorgeous photographs of an obviously gorgeous couple! (and what about the ‘members of the band’ who played no small part!)

  3. goeie genugtig!!!!!!
    Nikker, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aah, mooi verby!! Wat n awesome troue en stunning fotos, you lucky girl, Nikki!

  5. Elzette says:

    Sjoe Nikki, what a feast for the eyes!!

  6. WoW! Nikki, ‘n “masterpiece”! Wat ‘n oulike, “quirky” paartjie! Hoop ons gaan jou fotos ook hier sien….geniet al die voorbereiding…nie meer lank nie! mwah x

  7. Robyn Bubb says:

    All we can say is AMMMAZZZINNNG!!!!!! You make us look like super models hehe.
    THANK YOU Nikki & Adel, you guys rock!!!! Riordyn & Robyn***

  8. Sume' says:

    Sjoe, wat ‘n funky troue !! Stunning !!!

  9. nastassja says:

    oh my word nikki!!?? weet jy hoe amazing jou werk is??? x

  10. Adene says:

    WOWEEEE!!! Stunning is nie genoeg om te beskryf hoe asemrowend, skrikwekend AMAzing hierdie troue afgeneem is!!! Well done!

  11. Melissa says:

    Dit was ‘n AWESOME troue!! Baie mooi foto’s!

  12. Adeline says:

    Die foto’s is absoluut asemrowend!
    Baie geluk Nikki!

  13. Rone says:

    Ek is mal oor die Aisian gevoel van die fotos wat jy by die bamboes bos geshoot het. Jy het die Spier se gronde ongelooflik goed gebruik!Visuele plesier!

  14. landi says:

    die fotos wys hulle persoonlikheid ongelooflik bje soos dit is.. nje goeie werk

  15. anje henning says:

    FANTASTIES!!! and soooo much fun!

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