Orlando & Edelgard

8 January 2012 12 Apostles Hotel

Orlando and Edelgard celebrated their new life together as husband and wife at the beautiful 12 Apostles Hotel. The weather was amazing and so was everything else about their wedding day – the decor was fresh and striking, amazing designer dresses (by very talented designer and close friend of Edelgard, Vesselina Pentcheva) and all their dear family and friends were there to celebrate with them. Enjoy!

Service providers:

Venue: 12 Apostles hotel and spa

Dress designer: Vesselina Pentcheva

Hair & Make-up: Le Look

Decor & Flowers: Duke & Duchess

Cake: Cakes by Wade

Wedding coordinator: Stephanie Hall

My assistant: Thank you so much Nicky Stowe!

Vesselina (holding the camera) designed all the amazing dresses

Edelgard created her own unique bouquet, isn’t it amazing!


  1. Marti says:

    What a STUNNING dress, beautiful work, as always, Nikki!

  2. sjoe als is so interessant maar pragtig! :) love dit as mense dinge bietjie anders doen :)

  3. I attended the wedding and it was beautiful. The dress was abs stunning (I am so glad to captured all the detail on film) Edelgard, perfect as expected from you with attention paid to each and every detail. The pics are beautiful.

  4. Lo-Mari says:

    Love love love all the dresses! Stunning photos as always Nikki!! xxxx

  5. pragtige foto’s Niki! Regtig ‘n baie verfrissende troue om te sien!

  6. Kim says:

    Crazy about that bouquet!

  7. Gorgeous work Nikki! very well captured :)

  8. Nicky Stowe says:

    Awesome Nix!!! I simply loved the colors, the dresses and Edelgard’s bouquet! You captured the day beautifully. xxxx

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