Nikki & Kappie engaged

11 October 2009 Yzerfontein

Although I can talk a lot and consider myself an extrovert, I have a very shy side to me and am not always too comfortable with sharing details about my life (it just comes more naturally to share in other people’s happiness!). But, after some consideration I decided to post a few pics about the most exciting event yet to have taken place in my life…I am going to be a bride!!! hehe

This is a short story of how it happened…

Two weekends ago Adél, Kappie (Francois Kapp) and I went to Yzerfontein to photograph Nadine and Deon’s stunning wedding. The sunday morning Kappie decided that an early morning coffee (and rusks of course!) on the beach would be the perfect way to start off the day. We walked for a few minutes before sitting down in the soft sand and talked about everything and anything and also about how awesome the Christian relationship course we did was. A few more minutes past and suddenly I noticed Kappie fiddling in his pocket..the next moment he got down in the sand in front of me and asked the big question…I was so shocked and overwhelmed and started to cry, but it was very, very happy tears!! And I just said…’of course’!! Everything happened so fast and yet it felt like it all played off in sl0w motion! I always knew that I would prefer not being engaged too long, but as you might know, as a wedding photographer your weekends are booked long before your own life ‘happens’. But then a brain wave came…I kept one weekend open end of January! So, the date has been set (29 January 2010) and now we are busy filling in all the details for the day..the venue will be Beloftebos, Stanford (close to Gansbaai and Hermanus) and the photographer a close friend and extremely talented Lizelle Lotter.

I work with couples everyday and I just love it! It is the most awesome privilege to do something that you love. I can still hardly believe that it is going to my turn shortly! At first I was very overwhelmed with what was happening, but now I am getting more excited every day!

I saw Kappie for the first time in May 2007. We were a group of friends who went to the olive festival in Riebeeck Kasteel, but I joined a bit later. Kappie was a new comer to our circle of friends and that was the first day I saw him. I remember vividly making my way through the crowd that gathered in front of the olive and cheese stalls when I suddenly saw it…the most beautiful smile, curly blonde hair and blue eyes (amidst fading faces in the crowd) I have ever seen! At that moment I honestly believed in love at first sight:)

Enough about me! Have an awesome week!

nk_021Thanks to Adél who took most of these memorable pics!


  1. Liz says:

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing! I just looove love stories and I love your photos as always. All the best for you and Kappie. Can’t wait to see the weddings pics :)

  2. Kat Forsyth says:

    Huge congratulations! Now there’s a wedding I can’t wait to see the pictures of! Lizelle is brilliant so they are going to be amazing! Love, Kat

  3. Aah Nikki, dis so ‘n mooi storie en baie baie geluk weer. Ek sien baie uit om die stunning fotos te sien. Good luck met die planning!

  4. Marti says:

    Dis nou oulik, Sussie! Ek weet julle gaan ‘n stunning troue en ‘n baie geseënde gedeelde lewe hê!

  5. Kan nie wag om die dag saam julle te deel nie!! x

  6. Julle is twee baie spesiale jong mense en as ek so na die fotos kyk,wys dit presies hoe gelukkig julle is en hoe wonderlik julle bymekaar pas.Dit gaan ‘n ongelooflike dag wees die 29e en ek is so bly om dit saam met julle te kan deel.Baie geluk weereens en die sjampanje is klaar op die ys vir die naweek! Ons gaan dit vier!!!

  7. YAY :) :) :) soooooo excited for you! x x x

  8. verie says:

    Julle lyk so gelukkig! Dis pragtige foto’s
    Ons sien uit na die groot dag!

  9. Steve & Roisin says:

    Wow congrats Nikki – good luck

  10. Carla says:

    Baie geluk Nikki, julle vrek gelukkig!

  11. Annemarie says:

    Nik, dit is nou SUPER opwindende tye! Baie geluk vriendin, julle dag gaan `n absolute fees wees!

  12. adri says:

    Dis so oulik Nikker. Die mooiste en oulikste couple ooit. Kan nie wag vir die 29ste Januarie nie.

  13. LINDA & RIAN says:

    Julle maak ‘n “stunning couple”
    Alles wat mooi is vir die toekoms. Ons kan nie wag vir die groot dag nie. Jy gaan so pragtig lyk! Baie geluk julle twee.

  14. MT Ferreira says:

    Haai nikki! jong maar baie geluk! ek het die ander dag met jou moeder gepraat oor die venues. Ek was te laat. Ek hoop julle het n fantastiese lewe saam hoor! Jy moet asb weer hier kom kuier by ons jong!
    Raito…goed gaan!
    MT @ Dornier!

  15. Nikki, baie geluk! die fotos is stunning!
    sterkte met al die reelings… ek sien uit om die fotos te sien van Beloftebos.. hoe romantiese venus?
    groete uit Windhoek.

  16. Zanelle says:

    HI Nikki, baie geluk. Nou le die lekkerste van die lekkerste voor. Julle lyk amazing saam, God moes ‘n plan met sulke 2 mooi mense gehad het.
    Jou fotos is pragtag, jy is DEF op my speed-dial vir fotorgawe!

  17. JaniB says:

    Hi Nikki, stumbled onto your website via Christine Meintjies’s… WOW!!! I can only aspire to take these kind of photos. You really capture the moments of a wedding…

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