Hanri & Barry

28 June 2009 Stellenbosch

I photographed my beautiful friend, Hanri, with whom I shared all 12 school years, and her handsome fiancé, Barry, on Sunday.
Their wedding is in December, so I thought that this could be the perfect wedding gift! These two are not only good-looking, but very gifted too – Hanri is studying to be a pharmacist at Potch and Barry is a Matie in his final year of medical studies. Both of them share a joy and zest for life and I think I managed to capture it in these pics – they are so relaxed with each other and laughs the whole time! We had a lot of fun!
I just love Dorpstreet in Stellenbosch, it just has so much to offer: little café’s, impressive architecture and interesting textures which really add interest to the photo’s.

Hanri en Barry, julle was uitstekende kliënte;) en ek hoop julle geniet hierdie kiekies!




  1. Die foto’s is BEAUTIFUL!!! Stunning!

  2. Caryn van Rooyen says:

    Barry! what a legend! Julle kiekies is stunning en julle straal geluk en opwinding! Happy days my vriend – geniet dit en jou bride2be is pragtig :) – go Nikki – jy’s on fire! :)

  3. phrosne says:

    wat n pragtige klomp fotos van n beautiful paartjie!

  4. Rene says:

    WOW Nikki! Dit is sulke mooi foto’s van hulle. Well done!

  5. Marti says:

    Hanri en Barry, julle maak ‘n pragtige paartjie en die foto’s is absoluut stunning, Nikki!!

  6. verie says:

    Nikki, jou doring! Jy het ‘n spesiale oomblik nog meer spesiaal gemaak!

  7. Vicki Fick says:

    WOW cuz. Cannot wait to see the wedding pics.

    You are the most gorgeous couple ever.

    Fantastic setting, beautifully captured!

  8. annemarie says:

    Dit is ongelooflik, eks verlief op hoe mooi jy die emosie tussen die 2 vasgevang het! Well done Nik!

  9. Christie says:

    I love how natural and relaxed these photos are! And their compositions are all stunning! Fabulous job again Niks x

  10. Nikki van Jaarsveld says:

    Well Done Nikki! Stunning fotos :) Ek is so spyt jy’s reeds besig op ons troudag, jou fotos raak net beter by die dag!

  11. Niekels, jou kiekies is so stunning! Jy rock!

  12. Helena says:

    Jy het my vriendin Hanri se persoonlikheid vasgevang op hierdie foto’s-well done. En Hanri: wow, ek kannie wag vir die troufoto’s!

  13. Hanri says:

    Ahwww I love it, she is so beautiful & I love her name… Hehe LOL.

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