Cindy & Philip

7 February 2009 Le Jardine, Stellenbosch

Cindy & Philip had a garden wedding at Le Jardine in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. Cindy was such a relaxed bride – when I arrived at the venue, she was still in the swimming pool! Both she and Philip are designers and their unique style and creativity were evident in every aspect of the planning. The black and white décor elements and her lacy dress (accompanied by the cutest, delicate lace gloves and ballet shoes) were a feast for the eye. Just after the family and group photo’s a thunderous dark sky announced that the weather would change dramatically and the next moment a massive torrent of rain greeted us all on the grass just as we were about to start the couple shoot! They were so chill about these developments and agreed that we can do almost the whole shoot inside the beautiful manor house, the result was so classic and old-school that I got carried away a bit with the vintage editing, but it

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just suited the atmosphere so well. Cin & Phil, thank you for being such sports!


  1. Martie says:

    You and the couple were obviously not put off by the rain! They look so great and happy together and the photographs are beautiful.

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