Bryan & Leigh

1 September 2012 Molenvliet, Stellenbosch

This year Spring day was a cold one, but nothing could dampen the spirits at Leigh and Bryan’s wedding. In fact there were laughter and excitement from start to finish! With her perfect figure, smiling eyes and feminine dress, Leigh was a gorgeous glowing bride. Bryan, equally handsome, looked very smart too. Bryan and Leigh know exactly how to make each other laugh. They are so relaxed and sweet together. The décor was fresh and stylish. The menu was a feast of different courses. One of the many highlights was when Leigh and a couple of guests surprised Ryan with a flash mob dance (they practiced for many weeks before the wedding)! Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes, it was SO entertaining! Enjoy!

Service providers:

Venue: Molenvliet

Wedding gown: Elbeth Gillis

Florist: Mabel from Die Gieter

Hair: Partners

Make-up: Eloise

Lighting: SMD Lighting

Stationery: Event & Design

Right smells, which online pharmacy store told going but the.



  1. Marti says:

    Aaah, BEAUTIFUL!! I love everything, but especially no’s 12 and 52, and what a lovely bride

  2. Mariska says:

    LOVE die veil shot!!! Sjoe, vreeslik mooi! (16)

  3. Heather says:

    Baie mooi Nikki! Oulike paartjie – seker so lekker gewees om hulle te kon afneem :)

  4. Flamboijant says:

    Pragtige couple. Love die fotos!

  5. Lo-Mari says:

    Pragtig Nikki!

  6. Jenny says:

    pragtige foto’s Nikki

  7. Liezel says:

    Wow, the happiness just radiates from these pics. So stunning!

  8. Pc Benade says:

    Nikki.. hierdie fotos is ONGELOOFLIK! Hierdie laaste dans foto.. WOW..

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