Bonnie & Robert

24 October 2009 Roodezand, Tulbagh

Bonnie & Rob’s wedding really summed up who they are as a couple – relaxed, joyous & unpretentious. Even though I haven’t met them before the wedding, if felt like I already knew them – thanks to Bonnie taking the initiative to write me a little summary about them. I was so excited about this that I immediately thought it would be a great idea for all couples to share a little about themselves in writing before their big day – in the end that is what the wedding photos are all about – creating a reflection of the unique dynamics between each couple and the special people sharing their day with them.
A little bit about the cute couple which the 24th of October was all about…Bonnie & Rob met at medical school but only started dating during their internship year in Durban. This year the are doing their community service at a bush hospital between Swaziland, Mozambique and the Kruger National park. Rob grew up in Kleinmond and spend more time on his surf board than anywhere else. Bonnie was fortunate to grow up on her family’s beautiful farm in Ceres. These two talented young people are adventurous, adore their family and friends and love the outdoors.
It was so much fun working with Bonnie because not once during the shoot she worried about sitting or lying down in the grass, in fact she embraced the opportunity!
Their beautiful ceremony was so heart-warming and one could really feel the joy shared between them. I also loved the vibrancy of the bridesmaid dresses and the bright and soft pinks of their protea bouquets.
The food was gourmet quality and everyone had a feast around the tables. I also loved their wedding cake which was topped with little Bonnie and Rob sugar figurines!

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top left: The future Snyder family :)

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  1. Marti says:

    Nikki, dit is ‘n ONGELOOFLIKE mooi post. Dis net fantasties om te sien hoe jy op ‘n natuurlike manier die uitbundige vreugde en plesier van mense kan ‘capture’!!

  2. bon says:

    Stunning pics nikki!! Thank you for capturing the joy and love of our special day so beautifully. Love them!

  3. Mal oor jou decor shots..crisp en clean!

  4. estelle says:

    Nikki,pragtige fotos.Die vreugdevolle geleentheid wat ‘n troue is,word stunning uitgebeeld deur jou fotografie

  5. verie says:

    Ongelooflike mooi foto’s Nikki

  6. Hanneke says:

    Bonnie, you looked soooooooo beautiful and the pics are stunning!! Rob’s a real hunk!:) Nikki, you did an amazing job as always, love the pics!

  7. amanda rooti says:

    Wow Bon and Rob, you all look SUPER gorgeous and the whole day had to be a total blast (from the many laughing pics!!) all the best babe xx

  8. cindy says:

    love dit!!!!

    awesome kleur.

  9. Sam says:

    Awesome ‘moments in time’. It’s almost like you can hear the laughter!! = )

  10. Monica Dart says:

    Nikki, your photo’s are so stunning. Every now and again I pop over to your blog and just keep producing

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